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Everything you need to know

What is an STC?- STC stands for Small-scale technology certificate. STCs create a financial incentive to install small-scale renewable energy systems by reducing upfront installation costs. Click here to find out more

What is the difference between a normal electrician and a certified solar installer?- As Solar is a growing field involving government rebates and initiatives, it is a heavily regulated industry. For safety and compliance reasons all authorised Solar installers have to be accredited to be able to install Solar safely. Do not risk your own safety or your home by accepting anything less.

How long will my solar install last?- Most panels come with a 25y warranty these days and inverters usually carry a 10y warranty. We like to work with specific brands that we feel offer the best reliability and longevity. Contact us to find out the differences in brands before you go ahead with your install.

My roof is really old, how do I know if it will support solar?- We see all kinds of roofs doing what we do and its often best for us to do a site visit to clarify the roof situation as it can delay the installing process. We can make most things work but it's important to know all the information before proceeding with an install.

I've heard nightmare stories about solar companies, I'm nervous and don't know who to trust?- Like any growing industry, unfortunately there are unscrupulous operators out there. Both the state/s and federal government are incredibly committed to ensuring safety within the solar industry by enforcing strict standards on Solar Installers. Renuvo Electrical exists for this reason. We are Clean Energy Council Certified and NETCC certified . We have also worked with almost every brand out there and come with stacks of experience. Contact us today if you are unsure or need more information.

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